Susannah Haisley, Clemson University (SC)

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Major: Political Science
Minor: French
Graduation Date: May 7, 2016
Not Counted Because: Transferred

I transferred to Clemson University from the University of Richmond as a junior due to financial reasons.  I actually really loved my previous institution, but I decided that Clemson was the best route for me.  While transferring, I had to adjust quickly and that was difficult as a junior.  Clemson does not have my sorority, so I had to find a new niche.  I decided to join CUSG (Clemson University Student Government), and I have been able to really integrate myself into the Clemson family.

I have accepted an offer to work at Gartner in Fort Myers, FL as an Account Executive.  Although the job is unrelated to my major, I feel my experiences at both Clemson and Richmond have well prepared me for the work place.  I am confident that I can and will excel.